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Distributor News: Meta Analytical - Turkey

by Lisa Withers

New supplier of Van der Heijden chillers in Turkey

Meta Analytical Solutions

With over 15 years’ experience, Meta’s main field of activity is an expertise in supplying analytical equipment products, being representative of many key brands in the areas of ICP, AAS, dissolution, GC/LC, UV-FTIR-NIR as well as water purification.

Based in Istanbul, Meta provide up to date technical equipment, associated consumables and after sales service for its customers.

Now also representing Van der Heijden GmbH, a leading manufacturer in bespoke cooling solutions for analytical Instrumentation and other applications.

For more information about Meta, please visit http://www.metaanalitik.com.tr/

If you would like help finding the right cooling solution for your laboratory, please contact us on info@van-der-heijden.de

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