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Two of our long-standing employees work partly in the home office.

Upon request, we have continued this trust-based working hours following the home office obligation in order to give our employees the opportunity to pursue their other activities as mothers in a more relaxed and organizational manner. Especially with school-age children or children of kindergarten age, the balancing act between work and care is very difficult to achieve in everyday life and especially in the Corona period. Both employees work about half of their working hours in the home office and the rest of the time in the office to keep in touch with colleagues.

Jadena Otto (left): Apprenticeship in the company since 2006. Jadena was taken on, later went on maternity leave because of her two sons (4 and 6 years old) and some time ago started working part-time in the procurement department again. The home office makes it possible to avoid long journey times compared to a short presence in the office. It is possible to get back into everyday working life and facilitates the organization between school, kindergarten and work.

Simone Schwichtenberg (right): With the company since 1996. Simone works as a business economist in the areas of accounting, marketing and quality management. After parental leave (1 son, 10 years) back in the company part-time. Here, too, the home office makes it easier to manage between work and school, especially homeschooling during Corona and quarantine times.

Both agree that the possibility of working from home brings visible relaxation into everyday life and are very grateful that this possibility continues to exist.


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