LCS 80 - better, stronger und colder!

by Van der Heijden (comments: 0)

LCS 80 - better, stronger and colder!

The latest product from Van der Heijden is the LCS 80 developed for Huber USA.

The device is performance-optimized thanks to a built-in high-performance fan motor and micro-channel technology, and can be set up both indoors and outdoors. The permissible ambient temperature is -20°C to +50°C. It can be operated comfortably from the interior.

The chiller delivers an excellent cooling capacity of 8 kW at -40° C and is equipped with a capacitive user interface as a remote control with OLED display. The LCS 80 chiller has an air-cooled cooling unit and a powerful circulation pump (stainless steel). With plug-and-play technology, the LCS 80 is a solution for wide-ranging applications.

In the USA, the device is mainly used in the extraction industry and in the pharmaceutical sector and is set to conquer the market there. Further modified versions are planned.


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