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Our social projects 2020


In 2020 we of course donated to social projects again - instead of Christmas gifts for our customers. We think that's in your interest too.

We try to do this with a regional character, i.e. to support projects that help here in the region.


Among others, in 2020:

Action bright spots
The clinic clowns at the Detmold Clinic
The first aid book for primary schools


We would like to introduce a project to you in more detail because it touched us in particular and we were very happy to be involved:

There was an action right here in Dörentrup called "Christmas Wish Campaign". Residents of the local retirement and nursing homes were asked if they wanted to express a wish up to a certain amount. These wishes were packed in envelopes and you could pick them up. We got 8 cards and granted the residents a wide variety of wishes. From chocolate and pralines to jogging pants, scarves, CDs, gloves, a star dream lamp and a Zippo lighter, everything was there.

The residents were between the ages of 60 and 90. We were particularly touched by the fact that an old person's Christmas wish could just be a box of chocolates.

We also received very nice feedback, so we think that with this campaign we have contributed to a wonderful Christmas Eve in the old people's and nursing homes.

We were very happy to support such wonderful projects! 


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