Donate 2019 part 2

by Van der Heijden (comments: 0) Teil 2 unserer Spendenaktion 2019

Clinic Clowns - Family Clinic in the Klinikum Lippe

We are happy to assist!


When the Klinik Clowns first visited the children's clinic in 2003, it was not yet clear what success story had begun.

Every Thursday, two hospital clowns come to the clinic for two hours and visit the children's patients. Then there is something going on in the hallways and in the rooms. Small stories, funny songs, many surprises, soap bubbles etc., are the secret of the red noses in their contact with the children's patients.

At each visit, the clowns try to give some of the positive life energy that they themselves are directed to the sick children to make a small contribution to their recovery in the sense of the old idiom "Laugh is healthy!"

Katja Kemnade, "Dr. Clown "e.V.


That's why this success story needs more donations and we are happy to support this project!

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